Minister Kathryn Kimani – Leader


Search The Scriptures / Sunday School department is a training agent of the RCCG under the Directorate of Christian Education, an arm of the church. Sunday school started in 1952 when the church commenced Sunday Services.

In line with the vision of the church, the Sunday School’s objective is to raise a people that are heavenly conscious and earthly relevant, rich in the word, mature with sound Christian life and culture who in turn influence their domain and disciple others.

When you stop growing, you start to decline.

Each week we handle a topic relevant to our Christian journey and growth for example our relationship with God and each other, challenges in our environment and society, our families, our Christian mandate and Christian hope for eternity with God etc. We use the Bible, Sunday School manuals and other tools to effectively treat each topic.

We welcome you to join us every Sunday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM to Search the Scriptures.

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