Solomon speaks of real life experiences. The foolishness of covetousness can lead someone to acquire as much as they can in terms of wealth at the expense of their souls.Continue Reading
The misery of oppression by those with and in power is a fact that is evident in every facet of life. However, there’s a God who sees every evil deed that is visited on His Children. Solomon’s conclusion and assumptions needed further interrogation since no one can question the reason of their suffering according to Romans 8:28.Continue Reading
Action and visibility will project you to the world. If you’re diligent in your work, you will dine with kings.Continue Reading
Declare your brand as a child of God, let people know that you are a born again believer even in the office because you are the light of the world.Continue Reading

While we were yet sinners God sent his only begotten son who died for us. That is mercy.Continue Reading

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