Declare your brand as a child of God, let people know that you are a born again believer even in the office because you are the light of the world.Continue Reading

While we were yet sinners God sent his only begotten son who died for us. That is mercy.Continue Reading

Nations are crying for transformational leadership, Africa is also yearning for transformational leadership.Continue Reading
We need you oh God to fight our battles.Continue Reading
We are coming back revived, with full restoration and with compensation. We are coming back restored and transformed even though we are wounded. This is the time to arise and do exploits for our God. we must declare our stance for our God. After the pandemic you shall be revealed, you shall not come wounded, you shall come revived. Don’t give up, in this pandemic, God is keeping the Jehu’s, the Elijah’s and the 7000 prophets who have not kissed Baal.Continue Reading