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The triggers of relief in our lives
Grace is that which God bestows upon your life to make you far ahead of all your contemporaries.
David suffered a humiliating defeat meted on him by the Amalekites after having a series of victories. Many times we face this kind of situations in our lives. But the almighty God will give you relief.

Destiny helpers

You have been called out of darkness to show forth God's praises. When we go about our Father's assignment, in that assignment lies your consignment, in that assignment, lies what we need in life and abundance. Connect to your destiny helpers who are stars in life. Where you are today is a function of who you meet or who you miss
In this month of the evacuation of errors and wrongdoings. If you do not deal with the errors and wrongdoing of your past, they are capable of bringing even the giants in the faith down and you will not be able to experience a complete turnaround and settlement in your life.