“Christ’s Ambassadors

The Redeemed Christian Bible College (RCBC) was established in September 1980 by the RCCG General Overseer, Pastor E A Adeboye.  The goal of the college is to provide quality Christian education to born-again Christians.

RCBC was started in Kenya by Pastor Esther Obasi-ike in1996 and relaunched in 2013.   The primary curriculum of the College is the Bible – the Word of God. The curriculum is designed to produce mature Christians who are knowledgeable, fully equipped and committed to taking the good news of Christ to all men.

RCBC strives to equip committed born-again Christians to be used of God to bring about spiritual rebirth and social transformation within their spheres of influence.  RCBC offers Diploma and Certificate in Theology. The program is delivered at RCCG Solution Centre Nairobi and Lodwar with about 100 graduates having completed either the Diploma or Certificate course.

The College is committed to developing students with a wholesome persona characterized by poise and confidence, who are disciplined, cooperative team players, loyal and submissive to superiors and who will graciously lead those serving under them.

For additional information on RCBC please contact the church office.