Just as the scriptures say, the vision of House Fellowship is to encourage growth in Jesus Christ by the word of God through prayer and teaching in a small group environment.  These groups enable us to model the Christian community as described in scriptures.

What happens in House Fellowship? 

We meet on a weekly basis with the purpose of developing our personal growth centered on the word of God and pursuing disciples for Jesus by witnessing locally and globally.  We pray for one another, there is an atmosphere of openness, better learning, active involvement, laughter, tears, and it provides an environment to horn our spiritual gifts for service.

Our House Fellowships are hosted by volunteers and each has a teacher who leads the group in the days’ Bible Study.

Are you looking for a source of encouragement and accountability? House Fellowship groups open doors for Bible study every Tuesday from 6.00p.m.  Those who attend help one another understand the word of God and grow in their relationship with God. It serves as a powerful mission tool allowing for the spread of the gospel in the neighborhood where different groups exist.

We encourage church members and guests to participate in one of our House Fellowship groups which is an important part of our church.

Please contact our church office for details of House Fellowship locations.

God Bless You.