Worship and praise with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

To surrender our lives to worship God for His purpose. 

To praise God in all circumstances for His mercy and goodness. 

Giving prayers with petition and thanksgiving. 


Marital relations should be pure, and free from sexual immorality. 

The husband’s love for his wife should be like Christ love for the church. 


The wife should respect her husband, and show him proper honor by being submissive. 


The father should discipline his children without being too harsh or abusive, so that the children may not be embittered but respect authority. 


The family should not be preoccupied with the pursuit of money, but be content with having their needs met. 


We believe that in the church it is necessary for members to continually do the following:

To share our conversion experience with others. 

To teach the message from the gospel that has been given in the church. 

To worship collectively as an assembly. 

To have fellowship with one another in love.

To forgive one another and receive forgiveness. 

To exercise the gifts of the Spirit for the encouragement of the church. 

To give freely of both our time, and resources to the church, and the people of the church. 

To be examples of God’s love and mercy to all. 

To minister to the community, and the world through caring for the lost, poor, and broken hearted.